That shared or VPS hosting plan that you signed up for in the early stages of your business might have been good for a time but if business is booming then it has probably reached its limits. It might be time to consider a dedicated server which will give you more than enough space, bandwidth and all the flexibility that you’ll need to run custom applications. Of course making the move from shared to dedicated hosting won’t be easy or cheap but when it comes to business changes are essential.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade?

The easiest way to know when to upgrade your hosting is to look at your traffic. If it is growing consistently in response to your marketing strategies then it’s safe to assume that your current hosting plan won’t be sufficient to handle the growth. As much as it would be a pain to move from one type of hosting to another it would also be rewarding because it is an indicator that your business is experiencing growth. If you’re using a shared hosting plan it might be wise to jump to a dedicated server instead of a VPS especially if you expect to see more growth. This will eliminate the need to move again in the near future.

Dedicated servers are definitely more expensive than shared hosting but it is possible to find some great but fairly affordable options with some research. Keep in mind that with the costs you will get the added benefits of flexibility, stability, dedicated resources, functionality and complete control of the server specs. The risks of website failure, loss of data, downtime and slow website load times due to shared resources are greatly reduced with dedicated servers. These types of features are essential to businesses involved in ecommerce or the running of online applications.

The following points will help you decide if it is time to make the switch to a dedicated server. Make the switch if:

  • You’re expecting a consistent increase in traffic.
  • You’re expecting a consistent increase in traffic.
  • You’re using more than the bandwidth allocated to you on your current hosting.
  • You’re experiencing slow page load times.
  • You need to configure your hosting to meet very specific requirements.
  • You will be hosting a lot of videos or other media.
  • You facilitate the playing of games online.
  • You cater to a large community online or have a huge mailing list of subscribers.

These are just some of the main reasons that people move to dedicated servers and if one or more of the points listed apply to you then you’ll need to make the switch too. Some hosting companies provide migration services as a courtesy when you lease a dedicated server. Their professional support staff would take care of all the things that could go wrong when moving. Managed hosting services will also remove the need for you to maintain the intricacies of the server in the future so that is something that you must also consider.