Managed web hosting is just as the name suggests, the server is managed by the hosting company on behalf of the client. Managed web hosting allows a company to focus on their core competencies while leaving the care of the server in the hands of professionals. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

Benefits of Managed Web Hosting

A number of services are bundled into a managed web host package. Some of them might include software upgrades, software installation, server monitoring, hardware upgrades, troubleshooting problems and round the clock maintenance. These services priced separately can cost a small fortune but when bundled into a package is quite affordable and beneficial to business owners.

Save time and money

It makes sense for a lot of companies to upgrade their hosting to a dedicated server or colocation but that does not mean that they have the expertise to manage the servers themselves. With managed hosting a business gets the benefit of constant support from certified professionals. The server is monitored on an ongoing basis and any upgrades are handled effortlessly by the provider so the business owner won’t need to invest time on this.

Managed web hosting also saves money. The in-house management of servers can really be expensive so a cheaper and sometimes more reliable alternative would be to pay for space, bandwidth and server management from a web host. It removes the need to have in-house staff to manage the servers and gives the company one predictable monthly cost.

Improved efficiency and performance

The chances of server failure are drastically reduced with managed web hosting. This is extremely important for a business that needs to maintain a consistent and reliable presence online. The professionals at the hosting company will understand critical elements of the server and server environment and would be able to take care of any problems before they arise or manage problems quickly and efficiently if they do occur.

With the understanding the website would be in the hands of professionals owners can concentrate on other aspects of running the business. Managed hosting also removes the need to hire a team of IT experts just to manage the site.

Round the clock support

Business websites work even while we are asleep and if something goes wrong while you’re asleep it can really have a negative impact on your business. Managed web hosting providers guarantee round the clock support so whenever something goes wrong, even if it happens late at night, there will be someone on hand to diagnose and rectify the problem. This type of support keeps downtime to a minimum.

The final and all important benefit of managed web hosting is the ability to restore your website if something goes wrong. The backup and recovery service is very important if you have a lot invested in your website. The packages offered through these providers vary so it is up to you to understand your needs and choose the one that is best suited to your business.