Cloud web hosting has been gaining a lot of attention over the last few years. A marked improvement on conventional hosting, with cloud web hosting your site will be hosted across multiple servers instead of just being on a single server. It in essence houses your site virtually and there are specific reasons why this is appealing to business website owners.

Scalability on demand

By far the most important benefit of cloud web hosting is the ability to scale the capacity of the website when needed. This means that the requirements can be scaled up when the traffic is high and the business is flourishing or scaled down during those periods when business is slow. This saves the business owner costs on paying a flat monthly rate for services that are not being used.

Immediate response times

With could web hosting the setup and removal of virtual servers are almost immediate. This makes the website hosted there fully dynamic and also reduces the small amount the downtime sometimes experienced with traditional hosting.

Cheaper than conventional hosting

Rather than pay monthly or yearly as you would with conventional hosting you will pay as you go when you choose a cloud web hosting option. You will be billed for the resources that you actually use and not for what you reserve in advance. This is great for startups that need to be mindful of the money that they invest.


The cloud platform is extremely flexible and easy to customize. Any updates are done automatically within the hosting so there will be no need to have IT staff on hand to do updates. This will save the company time and money.

Compatible with in demand technology

There are various platforms used for running sites online. This means that website owners need to be on the alert when choosing a web host. The host will need to have the capabilities to accommodate the platforms used for running the sites. This concern is eliminated with cloud web hosting since the virtual server cloud will allow for the hosting of multiple platform types in a single cloud. For example ASP and PHP can easily run together in any chosen cloud.

Fewer risks

The final benefit that we’ll mention in this article is the lowered risk of cloud web hosting. Backups are done quickly within the cloud so there is very little chance of losing data. The backed up data is sent to remote locations for storage so business owners can take comfort in that added bit if security and rest easy knowing that their data is safe.

As technological advances and continues to increase there is no doubt that cloud web hosting will gradually replace the conventional hosting that we still use today.